How to Adjust Basketball Goal Height Using 7 Types of Adjustment Mechanisms

It is understandable to wonder how to adjust the height of your basketball hoop. Did you know that there are different types of b-ball goal height adjustment mechanisms as well?

Now, this becomes tricky! But don’t worry, I got you!

As an avid hoopster, it is a thrilling experience to have a b-ball hoop at your home, right? You get the chance to play whenever you like. Have an eventful time with family and friends.

But the problem comes up when you want to offer smaller hoopsters a real b-ball experience in terms of height…or when you want to dunk, but simply can’t jump high enough!

So how can you adjust your hoop to any height you want? You’ll find out everything about different types of goal height adjustment mechanisms, and how to use each one in this post!

Goal Height Adjustment Mechanism

Types of Basketball Goal Height Adjustment Mechanisms

In my buying guide, I was talking about different sizes, heights, materials, and other elements that you need to consider when choosing your b-ball system.

In this post, you will learn about different height adjustment mechanisms and how to use each one to raise or lower your basketball goal height anywhere from 7.5 – 10 feet!

That said, here are seven main types you need to know.

Telescopic Height Adjustment Mechanism

The telescopic mechanism is usually found in old-school hoops. However, if you are getting a modern b-ball system for your home, it’s hard to find a telescopic mechanism on it.

Broomstick Height Adjustment Mechanism

The broomstick mechanism is perfect for those players who have shorter stature.

What makes it more interesting is that its mechanism is so simple that even a kid can manage it alone.

Crank Actuator Height Adjustment Mechanism

It is usually found in ground-fixed and wall-hanging hoops. It is common in mid-range basketball hoops available in the market.

The crank actuator mechanism is divided into “Rear Crank” and “Front Crank” mechanisms. Both of these cranks are usually available in mobile systems.

Strong-Arm Height Adjustment Mechanism

When thinking about how to adjust basketball goal height, the strong-arm mechanism is a rare find.

You will find the strong-arm mechanism only in the mobile basketball.

Action-Grip Height Adjustment Mechanism

You are going to find the action-grip mechanism in ground-fixed hoops only.

Many leading and competitive manufacturing brands’ are equipped with the action-grip mechanism.

Power-Lift Height Adjustment Mechanism

The power-life height mechanism is luxurious and extremely expensive. It is usually found in the in-ground structures.

Mammoth Height Adjustment Mechanism

It is one of the most modern and state-of-the-art height adjustment mechanisms. The mammoth mechanism works on a hydraulic system, just like the power-lift mechanism. Unlike a power-lift system, it is gas-assisted.

How to Adjust Basketball Goal Height?

Now that you have learned different types of elevation adjustment mechanisms for b-ball goals, it’s time to understand how to adjust basketball goal height.

Below is a super-helpful video from the Lifetime blog

Adjust Hoop Height Using Telescopic Mechanism

Attached to the pole of the structure is a knob. You have two choices with it. Either rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise.

When moved in an anticlockwise direction, the knob losses its grip on the pole. It allows you to adjust the height easily. Once set, rotate it clockwise to tighten the grip on the pole.

With a telescopic mechanism, you can enjoy up to six inches of height increment.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Broomstick Mechanism

Being a pretty simple mechanism, the height system of the broomstick relies on a stick. Attached is the pole to the backboard of the system.

You must pull the broomstick to unlock the system, adjust it according to its height, and push the broomstick back again to lock. It’s that simple!

The broomstick mechanism allows six inches increments.

However, it is still perfect for kids or adults of a lower height. It is a bit expensive as compared to the telescopic mechanism.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Crank Actuator Mechanism

The crank actuator mechanism is found fixed at the backside of the pole. You can rotate the actuator in a clockwise direction to move the height of the rim on the upward side.

On the other hand, when the actuator moves in an anticlockwise position, the rim moves downwards.

In the wall-hanging systems, the crank actuator is found fixed at the bottom of the mounting brackets of the structure. However, clockwise and anticlockwise moveability is the same for it.

Rear Crank

The handle of the crank is found on the backside of the portable basketball hoop. It moves in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction to manage the rim.

Front Crank

The adjustment cylinder is located on the front side of the pole. Players have the insert the hooked crank handle at the bottom to adjust the loop.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Strong-Arm Mechanism

Being among the rare goal height adjustment mechanisms, the strong arm is a simple structure in the goal.

You will find a stick-like structure attached directly to your system’s backboard. Move the stick upward to increase the height. Pull it downward, and the height will decrease.

Since it is a pretty simple structure and can be operated using one hand, any kid can operate it.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Action-Grip Mechanism

The action-grip mechanism is a common find in pricey hoops.

This type of mechanism offers 3 inches increment and can adjust at a height of 7.5 feet to 10 feet. A handle is gripped to easily manage the height of the structure.

You can either move it upwards or downwards.

However, normally when you push the handle upwards, the rim should go up. But that’s not the case with the action-grip mechanism.

When you will push the handle upwards, the rim height will get lower. So, when you push the handle downwards, the height of the rim will adjust higher.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Power-Lift Mechanism

How to adjust basketball goal height with a power-lift adjustment mechanism? It is a pretty simple job. You need to lightly squeeze the lever and glide the hoop to your desired height.

Adjust Hoop Height Using Mammoth Mechanism

Since it is gas-assisted, you have to squeeze the lever using both hands. It too has a reverse mechanism like the action-grip adjustment system.

To lower the height, move the lever in an upward direction. And, when you move it in the downward direction, the goal will get higher.


As you have just learned, there are different types of height adjustment mechanisms for basketball goals. Some are pocket friendly, while others are expensive and found in luxurious systems only.

Lucky for you, now you know how to adjust the height of the basketball hoop using 7 different mechanisms.

If you need help choosing the perfect system for the game of basketball, check out my list of best b-ball hoops on the market today. All of the hoops come equipped with a height adjustment mechanism!

Enjoy the game! 🏀😊

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