The 7 Best Pool Basketball Hoops (PoolSide and Floating!) Reviewed!

Do you have a swimming pool but just floating in it is not fun anymore? Are you looking for the best pool basketball hoops to have fun with your family and friends during the hot summer days?

The yard pool is definitely the place where the summer season starts. Sunny days, buddies, and great times. A poolside basketball goal can make things even more enjoyable while beating the summer heat 😎

However, you want to make sure you select the best hoop for your swimming pool. That’s why I have created this list. So let’s “dive in” and help you find the best toy for your pool!

Below is the list of my top choices…

Top Pool Basketball Hoops Overview Chart

ModelKey Features
GoSports Splash PRO 

GoSports Splash PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop
– Made from safe and sturdy plastic
– Guaranteed rust-free
– 2 basketballs and a pump included
– Heavy base for max stability
Price: $119

SwimWays 2-in-1 Combo

SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set
– Volleyball and basketball set
– Made of safe and strong plastic
– No metal parts (no rust)
– 2 heavy-duty bases included
Price: $118

Poolmaster Classic

Poolmaster Classic Poolside Basketball Hoop
– NBA teams’ backboards are available
– Huge, 34″ backboard and 14″ hoop
– Durable all-weather materials
– Solid base for increased stability
Price: $103

Dunnrite Sport 2-in-1 Set

Dunnrite Sport 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball Hoop
– Indestructible Polycarbonate backboard
– Vinyl coated stainless steel rim
– Two bases and a volleyball net included
– Great fun for the entire family
Price: $250

GoSports Splash 360 

GoSports Splash 360 Floating Pool Basketball Hoop
– Sturdy frame ensures maximum fun
– Comes with 2 b-balls and a pump
– Quick assembly (no inflating)
Price: $34

Hoop Shark Floating

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop
– Made of strong PVC material
– Quick inflation and deflation
– Basketball included with the set
Price: $46

Wave Runner Swoosh

Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Pool Basketball Hoop
– Made of durable, heavy-gauge vinyl
– Many ports for multiple shooters
– Includes 2 basketballs and a pump
Price: $40

Two Main Types of Pool Basketball Hoops

There are two kinds of hoops that you can add to your swimming pool. Before you go ahead and make your pick, it’s important to find out which type suits your poolside b-ball needs.


Poolside Basketball Hoop

Poolside basketball hoops are available in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and materials. Most poolside hoops are made of plastic (frame and board) and steel (rim).

The combination of steel and plastic offers more security compared to plastic and floating hoops, which is great because it can take dunks, bank shots, and so forth.

While these models are pricey, and there is some installation needed (usually this suggests loading the base with water or sand and connecting the hoop to the backboard), these kinds of hoops are better and offer a more enjoyable water basketball experience.


Floating Basketball Hoop For Pool

Floating hoops provide the benefit of being mobile. They can be moved around within your pool, to a buddy’s house, and even as far as to the neighbourhood lake or beach. 

Unlike poolside models, floating hoops make playing water basketball a little bit more difficult.

You see, as the water is seldom perfectly still, the hoop is going to move around, giving you the added difficulty of trying to drain a shot.

On the other hand, this might be a good way to improve your hand-eye coordination!

These sorts of swimming pool basketball hoops are mostly made from plastic. As a result, they are commonly more affordable than tougher metal and plastic hoops. 

One of the things I like the most about floating hoops is that they are extremely easy to “mount” and start with. All you have to do is inflate them, and you’re ready to go!

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Pool Basketball Hoops?


Due to the inherently wet nature of the playground, you should seek a hoop that is powder-coated or painted with corrosion-proof lacquer or paint.

See, metal rusts, and pool basketball hoops must be painted appropriately to help slow the rusting procedure. Rust is the last thing you want floating in your pool!

On the other hand, hoops constructed from plastic and PVC do not have this problem.

While not as strong as metal, they will last longer despite direct exposure to pool chemicals, water and sun. But since plastic is easily breakable, you should be gentle with them.


Swimming pool hoops can be found in a wide range of sizes and heights, with most of them made to be around 1 to 5′ above the waterline of your pool. 

Unfortunately, for the hardcore b-ball fanatic, there are no swimming pool hoops at regulation (10′) height. If you want close to regulation height, you can get a mobile hoop with a height adjustment mechanism and lower the height to get a regulation height.


Most pool hoops are secure. Naturally, there’s always a specific danger when you’re being active in the water, but most models on my list are well-made and extremely safe.

Nonetheless, I still recommend reviewing every one of the maker’s directions when installing the hoop alongside your swimming pool to see to it that you are getting maximum safety.

Balls and Accessories

Many poolside basketball hoops include a sturdy base that is fillable with either water or sand.

Depending upon the general weight and style of the product when put together, a base that supports a greater volume of sand or water is best.

On the other hand, if you pick a floating hoop, then the base is not a question. Just place it on the water and have fun with your friends and family!

Furthermore, all of the best poolside hoops on my list include foam and rubber balls. Some even come with a volleyball net, pumps, and other cool features that will enhance the fun time.

So if you are ready, let’s go over the top pool basketball goals…poolside and floating!

Best Poolside Basketball Hoops

GoSports Splash PRO Pool Basketball Hoop

If an enjoyable poolside hoop is your ultimate objective, you should definitely check out the GoSports model. This pool goal features a durable hoop/rim combo, solid base, as well as two balls and a pump.

In other words, it’s got everything you need to have a great time in the water!

GoSports Splash PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop


The hoop is made from thick and solid plastic, which is something that I like the most. Moreover, there are no metal pieces to this construction, meaning, guaranteed rust-free!

Furthermore, the assembly takes less than 15 mins (no tools needed!). Once you set it up, the base can be loaded with approximately 50lbs of water which makes it tough enough to handle all sorts of rough play.

The rim can withstand the action. As I said, it is made of plastic, meaning, it’s quite safe. However, although it can withstand action, you should be careful with it if you want your set to last long.

Included are also 2 basketballs, the backboard and hoop, and a pump to keep the basketballs inflated.


“We recently purchased this for our son’s birthday pool party and it was a huge hit! It is easy to assemble, stays upright while kids thrash on it and play in the pool, and looks great in our backyard. We used to have the Little Tykes one, but this one is far superior…and doesn’t look like a baby toy set. I have purchased a few other GoSports items and have never been disappointed. Another great purchase!”

Final Verdict

GoSports makes lots of fun gear for backyard swimming pool fanatics, and their Splash model is an affordable way to shoot some hoops in the water.

As I said, my favourite feature is that there are no metal pieces. Available in blue or red, the GoSports hoop will be a fantastic addition to your swimming pool.

SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set

This two-in-one combo comes to you from the people over at SwimWays, one of the highest-rated makers of accessories for backyard pools.

The SwimWays 2-in-1 Combination works as a b-ball hoop and a beach ball net that can extend across a pool. So if you are looking for double fun, this hoop is it!

SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set


My favourite feature of this model is two heavy-duty basketball bases that you can fill with water or sand for maximum stability. Plus, you get two hoops, one for each base and a basketball as well.

In other words, you can turn your swimming pool into a real water basketball court!

I have to emphasize that the rim and the rim clips are made of plastic, so it’s easy for them to break throughout use. Therefore, I would recommend you to be gentle.

On the bright side, since there are no metal parts, you won’t see any rust!

That said, this poolside hoop quality isn’t superb, but the fan factor is though.

Additionally, this poolside “toy” features a 24″ volleyball net that you can string throughout the swimming pool. A volleyball is also included in the set!


“Great hoop overall. We got it and only use it for basketball as we got a diff system for volleyball. This one is great with the kids and as long as nobody is going crazy and hanging on the rim there are no issues. We have had it for a couple of months and it looks brand new. It’s not heavy-duty but for the price and how compact it is, it’s perfect for us. We use it a few evenings a week in a family game of b-ball. Or pig. It was put together in 5-7 minutes and I filled the base with pool water. Add half a cup of bleach every couple of weeks and I haven’t had an issue.”

Final Verdict

My favourite feature is definitely the duality of this product. Swimming pool basketball is a ton of fun. And having an option to convert your set and play volleyball too is just amazing!

My only objection is that this set has got some critics from users aimed toward the quality of the material. But overall, over 60 % of users gave this one five stars on Amazon.

Poolmaster Classic Poolside Basketball Goal

The Poolmaster Classic definitely belongs on the list of the best poolside basketball hoops.

Built from resilient all-weather materials, the base, as well as the backboard, can withstand the rough use and outside elements. In other words, this model is made to last!

Poolmaster Classic Poolside Basketball Hoop


Poolmaster ships this hoop with a remarkably tough backboard that is 34 inches wide, with a 14-inch hoop, pro-game ball and an inflating needle.

Since the hoop is made from tough PVC, it will certainly stand up to wear and tear. The net is made from polyester-coated threads to last long as well.

Just keep in mind that, unlike various other poolside alternatives, it sits a bit reduced to the water. That’s not a massive concern, but it can make dunking or shooting layups a bit awkward for you.

The sturdy base only needs 18 x 21-inches of deck space for support for in-ground or above ground pools. A heavy base can be loaded with water or sand for hoop security.


“So far so good! Put it together in 15 minutes. Set it up and kids have been playing with it for the past hour and a half. They love it. Got a heavier basketball for the pool and it works better than the one it came with. I read the reviews and ordered a splash basketball at the same time. Works great. Hoping this will last at least the whole summer!”

Final Verdict

One of the coolest things about this poolside basketball hoop is the backboard. You can get in in colours of your favourite NBA team! Some of the popular choices are Mavs, Warriors, and of course, Lakers.

With an affordable price and good quality, this is definitely one of the best choices for your swimming pool.

Dunnrite Sport 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball Hoop

If you are searching for an incredibly durable pool basketball goal that will certainly last for one decade, then the Dunnrite should be your top choice.

The 2-in-1 set is vinyl covered for optimum resilience in the face of pool chemicals and sunlight direct exposure. Meaning, no more rust marks on the edge of your swimming pool!

Dunnrite Sport 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball Hoop


With this premium poolside hoop, you get a huge 43-inch backboard, a 13.5-inch vinyl-coated rim that is fixed at a height of 36 inches above your deck.

And since the rim is made of stainless steel, it is guaranteed to continue to be rust-free for a very long time!

Moreover, this model features two bases because it also includes a volleyball net (spans up to 22′ pool using included extension ropes!).

Keep in mind that, unlike SwimWays’s model, you get two based but only one hoop (bases are for volleyball).

Bases can be loaded with 115lbs of water which makes it without a doubt the toughest hoop displayed on my list. I personally like the design as well. It just looks too nice!

Oh yea, you also get one basketball and one volleyball. Enjoy!


“This is great for basketball. Make sure to measure the pool before ordering. In retrospect, we would have skipped the volleyball part because the net is too short for our pool. It’s is fairly easy to set up, but converting to volleyball and back to basketball is a little bit of a pain, it’s too difficult for most kids, so plan on the adults or teenagers doing it. That aside, it’s durable, looks good and lots of fun!”

Final Verdict

One of my favourite features of this model is a 3-year limited warranty. And not to mention, this model has got all the bells and whistles you are looking for in a premium poolside hoop.

Moreover, its quite affordable price makes it an even better choice for your swimming pool.

Best Floating Pool Basketball Hoops

GoSports Splash 360 Floating Basketball Goal

Beat the buzzer and scorching summer heat with the Go Sports Dash Hoop 360. This floating pool basketball system consists of a hoop, and water basketballs, for the utmost swimming pool game.

Although floating models are not as popular as poolside, if you are looking for an extra toy to keep your kids entertained, this model for GoSports will do the trick!

GoSports Splash 360 Floating Pool Basketball Hoop


This collection consists of everything you need to rule the pool. You get a hoop with a 360 target, two water basketballs with an anti-slip grasp, and a high-quality hand pump.

GoSports Dash Hoop 360 sets up easily, which is one of the best features. Moreover, it weighs less than 5 lbs. Therefore, you can take it with you anywhere you want without any trouble.

This floating goal is crafted to stand up to all the sprinkling that comes with water basketball. The strong structure can take dunks and rough play!

Best of all, it is made of plastic, meaning, it is very safe and rust-free.


“We’ve had multiple basketball hoops for our pool and none have been as sturdy as this one. Our prior hoop would constantly flip over when you shot the ball at it and just seemed super flimsy and broke after a few months. I really like this one. Super buoyant and doesn’t flip over when there is a lot of commotion in the pool. Easy to put together, attractive design and works well. Highly recommend!”

Final Verdict

My motto is safety first. And this floating hoop fits the description. That said, if you are on the market for one of the best pool basketball hoops, the floating model from GoSports might be for you.

Fun fact; this model has got over 4K ratings on Amazon making it the most popular one in this category!

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Goal

Floating pool hoops could be hard to move from place to place. However, the Hoop Shark breaks that mould thanks to the inflatable layout and construction.

You can swiftly blow it up or deflate it and then take it with you practically anywhere you need to go.

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop


This floating hoop is made from thick rubber with durable joints. It drifts on the water thanks to huge blow-up areas on the bottom.

With 40″ x 46 ″ dimensions, this hoop is remarkably big. Therefore, it may take you a while to inflate it.

Although the manufacturer claims the material is super-strong, most customers complain that it punctures easily. However, you should know that that’s the main issue with all floating basketball goals…

On the other hand, the advantage of this design is that it is incredibly lightweight, which makes it a good choice for water basketball fanatics of all ages!

The included basketball will certainly have you playing pool games in a snap.


“Update to my first review. I had ordered this item 2 separate times as the ball was not included in each set. Disappointed, I had to go return it twice. I contacted their customer Service department via email and had a response within a few hours. They felt sorry for my experience and sent me a new one right away. I just received it and the ball was included. It is a great item and I am very pleased that their level of service exceeded my expectations.”

Final Verdict

With over 1,700 ratings on Amazon (most of which are extremely positive), this floating pool basketball hoop is one of my favourites!

This model is great for kids and adults. The quality of the material is good (note: PVC punctures and deflates easily). Best of all, you can easily deflate it and take it with you to the lake, beach, or friend’s house.

Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Pool Basketball Hoop

If you’re in the market for a blow-up pool hoop that covers lots of bases, this design from Wave Runner could be your number one choice.

This particular company is famous for its outdoor/water fun-related products. They are in business for 15 years and have supplied millions of fun items to beach stores and retailers.

Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Pool Basketball Hoop


Wave Runner consists of an inflatable goal, one basketball, one water skipping swimming pool ball, and even a pump with a needle for the inflatable pool basketball.

This model stands 35-inches high and 36-inches in diameter. Although it is a large model, it’s designed for a quick and easy setup.

As with any kind of inflatable option, the hoop’s greatest weakness is its sturdiness. The PVC construction does good work. However, the construction is not as strong as in the GoSports Splash model, for example.

In other words, it’s prone to penetrating. Therefore, take care of this hoop if you want it to last long.

On the other hand, it is easy to move and comes with a layer of security that other pool hoops do not have. It’s also large in dimension, which is ideal for group fun in the water!


“This is a great inflatable pool activity. It is really big once inflated and comes with 2 balls. One ball is a skipping ball and the other a mini basketball. My kids love it and it’s a challenge to get the ball in it. They have made goals to try to get the ball in and challenges. Good quality too. It’s been played with every day for 10 days.”

Final Verdict

One of the best advantages of this model is that it has many ports for multiple shooters including a specially-made port specifically for water skipping ball games!

Moreover, this pool basketball hoop is reasonably priced, making it one of the best choices.

What’s Your Best Pool Basketball Hoop?

So as you can see, you can choose between poolside and floating hoops.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly poolside basketball system, I highly recommend the SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Basketball combo. It’s a good-quality toy, and even comes with a volleyball net!

But if the price is not a problem, and you are looking for the best quality poolside hoop, go for the Dunrite model. I personally choose this model because it’s made of high-quality material and it looks awesome!

On the other hand, if you want to get a floating model, then you will have a great time with GoSports Splash 360. My favourite thing about this model is its sturdy construction.

Therefore, you won’t have to buy a new one every once in a while.

With that said, we have come to the end of my list of the best pool basketball hoops. But this is just the beginning! The real fun is beginning now with this latest addition to your swimming pool 🌞🤽

As always, if you have questions, or need more information, drop your comments in the section below!

And since the summer is time for all sorts of outdoor activities, make sure to check out my list of best basketball hoops as well.

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  1.  Wow, what a great list of pool basketball hoops. We are opening our swimming pool soon for the summer, so we are looking for fun games to play in the water with the kids. I really love the idea of playing basketball in our pool. I like the first one on the list, GoSport Splash Pro. It looks sturdy and durable. I’ll take a look at this one on Amazon. Just a question if you don’t mind.

    Do I need to store the pool basketball hoop in the winter or I can leave it in the pool? Also, is it possible to know what type of plastic? I know there are different sorts of plastic and some are stronger than others.

    Thank you very much

    • Thanks for reaching out, Daniella! GoSport Splash Pro is a great pool basketball hoop. I wish yu guys a ton of fun!

      I would recommend removing your hoop from your pool during the wintertime. Pool hoops are easy to relocate. It’ll take you less than 10 mins to store it and it’ll last longer. When it comes to the type of plastic used to make this model, I don’t have that information at the moment, sorry.


  2. If you are wanting to play basketball in the pool the Dunrite would be the one to go with. It appears to be the most durable of all you have shown. There is no limit to the amount of fun people of all ages could have with this basketball goal. It also helps to bring family and friends closer when all are participating.


    • Yes, I recommend Dunrite because it’s extremely durable and will therefore be a worthy investment. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love the idea of a Basketball hoop by the pool. This can be a great thing to take on holiday and will create loads of fun for all the family. 

    I can imagine this in my family, there would be intense competition.

    Are these hoops pretty durable or are they quite flimsy, this is quite important before i buy?

    • All hoops on my list are pretty durable and made from high-quality materials so no worries. The number one picks in terms of quality of material would be Dunrite or GoSports. Have a great time playing the ball by your pool!

  4. Hie Ivan. The first impression i get about you is that you are a man with a sense of humor. You say that you are a basketball lunatic kkkk. I like those basketball hoops. Yes swimming was now becoming too routine here. This is something i would never have thought of. My girlfriend is going to love me when i get one of those.

  5. A clear, concise article that points out the downside as well as the upside of purchasing differing hoops, which I liked. Here in England we probably don’t lead the same lifestyle as yourself due to the changeable weather, but you’ve got me more than a little interested in what is available and possible. Well done!

  6. This is great to find this review on water basketball hoops. My boys recently came back from a pool party, and were both raving about the ball games they were playing in the water and that there was a floating basketball hoop. 

    And yes they mentioned that it was bobbing about and being moved around by the players in the water, but they seem to think that it added to the fun they were having. I guess one could “tie” the hoop to a side or a corner to try and keep it one position more. 

    I will show this post to the family and see which hoop they would prefer to use. Thank you for sharing this great idea. 


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