5 Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops in 2022

Searching for the best wall-mounted basketball hoops?

When I was a little kid, we used to gather up at my friend’s house to play basketball. He had a hoop mounted over a garage. It was a simple backboard/rim combo that you can buy today for less than a hundred bucks.

Nevertheless, we used to play some big games under that hoop. In our minds, that hoop was the centre of the world for hours and hours straight! Friendships were made and broken under that hoop.

One of the best things about that particular over-the-garage goal was the fact that it didn’t have a pole.

See, unlike other types of hoops, wall or roof-mounted basketball systems have this big advantage. They don’t require a support pole!

Thus, they are easier to mount, leave more space beneath, and in most cases are much cheaper. You can find a top garage mounted hoop for less than $500 which your little hoopsters and you will simply love.

Moreover, these basketball goals are great for indoor use as well.

That said, let me help you find the one with my list of the 5 best wall-mounted hoops below…

Top Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops Overview

Model:Key Features:
Lifetime 73729

Lifetime 73729 Basketball Combo
– 48″ board size
– Polycarbonate
– Breakaway rim
Price: $200

Spalding Performance

Spalding Performance Basketball Combo
– 52″ and 54″ boards
– Acrylic
– Breakaway rim
Price: $300 – $400

Silverback NXT 54″

Silverback NXT 54" Basketball Hoop
– 54″ board size
– Polycarbonate
– Breakaway rim
Price: $400


PROGOAL Basketball Combo
– 60″ and 72″
– Tempered glass
– Breakaway rim
Price: $1,700 – $2,000

Goalsetter Wall Mounted

Goalsetter Basketball Hoop
– 48″, 54″, 60″, 72″ boards
– Acrylic or Tempered Gass
– Breakaway rim
Price: $1,500 – $2,000

What Do You Need To Know Before You Get a Wall-Mounted Hoop?

Before you go ahead and get your wall-mounted basketball hoop, I would recommend you read the short buying guide below. That is if you don’t know what kind of hoop you are looking for.

If you do know what type you want, you can skip this guide and proceed!

Backboard Specifications


Backboards come in many different sizes. The most common are:

  • 54″ wide – This is an excellent size for those with little space or a smaller budget. Moreover, it is excellent for a smaller space in front of the garage.
  • 60″ wide – If you have a bigger space, a 60″ goal offers a great playing experience while not taking up too much room.
  • 72″ – Regulation-sized hoops are great for big courts. If you have the room, there is simply no alternative to a pro-level hoop.
Backboard Specs


  • Polycarbonate – these backboards are lightweight and resistant. They have low rebound responses and don’t offer the best experience.
  • Acrylic – although intended to imitate the look of glass, can become scratched and messed up gradually. These backboards are lighter and less dense, which suggests less bounce.
  • Tempered glass – glass backboards are the finest quality backboards and are what you will find on a high school, university or NBA court. It is larger and thicker so it offers the best rebound effect.


The overhang is the distance between the face of the backboard and the face of the pole. That said, the larger the overhang, the more space you get under your wall-mounted hoop.

For example, on a regulation basketball court, the distance from the baseline to the face of the backboard is 4 feet. Such a generous overhang gives you the room needed to practice and drive under the basket.

On the other hand, if your court is shorter, hoops with 2-3 feet overhang will be enough to allow comfortable play as well. And no worries, I have found a few great wall-mounted basketball hoops with decent overhangs.

Rim Type


Breakaway rims typically have what is called a “detent” system built right into the inside of the box where the return springs are installed.

This detent system is designed to regulate the amount of pressure required to bend the rim down.

That said, this type of construction is extremely flexible and is suitable for dunking the ball. After all, the breakaway system is used in all professional hoops.

Rim Types


Due to the fact that a fixed rim does not have pivot factors or springs, and is constructed from sturdy materials, it will literally never stop working from overuse/abuse.

However, these rims offer a lower bounce effect. In other words, compared to breakaway and flex times, fixed type doesn’t give you a feeling of playing on a professional rim.

And don’t forget, since the fixed rim has limited flex motion, you should avoid dunking.

Hoop Location

Undeniably, the best area for a wall-mounted hoop is in front of your garage. You want a minimum of 10 feet of concrete in front of your goal. 15 feet would be ideal.

Bear in mind that you must have no blockages to obstruct the trajectory of your shots. Blockages could be tree branches, gutters as well as roof sides, etc.

Here are a few more tips for the installation of the system…

To mount a hoop on a wall surface, the most important point is to check if the surface is flat and solid. It must be strong enough to manage and withstand physical pressure. A garage wall would be ideal…

One more point to watch out for is that walls can consist of electric wires and other undetected threats and barriers. So make sure to double-check your wall for any wiring, pipes, etc.

That said, it is advised to speak with a professional architect or contractor to identify a risk-free wall securing system that matches the wall construction being utilized for your wall-mounted goal.

So now that you know what type you want, let me show you my list of the best garage mounted hoops in 2022.

The 5 Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops

Unlike ground-fixed hoops and mobile hoops, wall-mounted don’t require a support pole. So essentially, they are probably the best choice for utilizing the space in front and above your garage.

That said, here is the list of the best hoops in this category…

Lifetime 73729 Backboard & Rim Combo

Lifetime is one of those brands that tend to create good quality hoops for low prices. So if you are on a budget, or simply don’t want to spend a top dollar on a wall-mounted hoop, then 73729 might be for you.

That said, you can’t expect too much from this combo. You do, however, get a decent quality polycarbonate board, and a durable rim, and I’m sure your little hoopsters will love the time spent under this hoop.

Lifetime 73729 48 in. Shatter Proof Backboard Rim Combo, Orange/white, One Size

Backboard Size48″
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Rim QualityBreakaway
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀
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Backboard & Rim

The backboard is made from polycarbonate and it is mounted in a steel frame. Furthermore, the width is 48″ so it’s big enough for games with your little hoopsters.

However, it’s too small if you are looking to shoot high layups or bank shots from narrow angles.

As I said, this wall-mounted hoop comes with a shatterproof polycarbonate backboard with a steel framework. The structure is black hammer tone powder-coated, which will safeguard the structure from rain, snow, and getting rusted.

One of the best features of this hoop (in my opinion) is the Arena-style Slam-It rim with wraparound supporting and a double-compression spring. With this rim, you will get the best experience.

That said, the rim offers a nice ball bounce, and you can even dunk the ball. However, don’t hang on the rim if you want to protect yourself from injuries.


Unfortunatelly, this hoop ships without a mounting brace. However, you can go online and buy the universal Lifetime mounting brace.

Also, keep in mind that the directions are not super clear and it might take 2-3 individuals to mount the hoop.

I would recommend hiring a professional to set this one up for you. That is, of course, unless you are a craftsman who knows his/her way around the mounting process.

Lifetime 73729 48 in. Shatter Proof Backboard Rim Combo, Orange/white, One Size

User Reviews

“This guy is HEAVY. Took my wrestling strong hubby and my 17-year-old daughter to hold it while I threw the bolts in the holes while holding the cross support on there. Bought the wall mounting kit to go with this. That thing will be up there for years. Strong once we got it up but boy that was a chore. The plastic guards around the sides and bottom I couldn’t get to go on even with my high-end drill. Not sure what I was doing wrong but we ended up just leaving them off. (I’ve installed Z metal strips around my windows with less effort).”

“Sturdy backboard and rim. The rim was very difficult to put together, mostly due to difficulty installing the bar that goes in the bottom allowing the hinge to rotate for the breakaway. Instructions were vague and what the instructions showed was not what actually is done. Instructions say it takes two people to put it up there, but it is a lot easier with three.”

Best Price

Due to its design and low price tag, I would definitely recommend this hoop if you have little hoopsters and are looking to get them a budget-friendly hoop. Lifetime models are known for a good price/quality ratio.

You can find this hoop on Amazon selling for about $200 apiece.

Spalding Performance Backboard & Rim Combo

It’s no secret that Spalding is the ultimate leader in the hoops industry. After all, this manufacturer has been (and will be) the main supplier of equipment for the best leagues in the world for decades.

So if you are looking to get a solid wall-mounted hoop for a reasonable price for your kids, this model will do the trick. It’s got over 600 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Spalding 52" Performance Acrylic Backboard & Rim Combo

Backboard Size52″ and 54″
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Rim QualityBreakaway
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀
Price$300 – $400
Check Price

Backboard & Rim

This basketball wall-mount system includes a 52″ as well as 54″ acrylic backboard that’s quite resilient. What makes this board unique is it can be used as a replacement for your old damaged backboards.

Keep in mind that acrylic backboards are not the best material. In other words, it doesn’t provide you with the best performance when it comes to rebounding action.

So with that being said, this backboard size and material are not the best for bank shots (adult play). On the bright side, the material is made to last long despite the elements, and your little hoopsters will love it.

Furthermore, this model is equipped with Slam-Jam breakaway rim that features spring back action for smooth dunking. But because the construction is not the strongest, I would not recommend hanging on it.


As for the assembly time, it’s relatively quick and simple. You can play with this hoop in under an hour of assembly time. That said, I’m sure you will have fun assembling this model with your family.

If you run into problems with missing parts or damage you can speak to Spalding as well as have them look at it due to the fact that the company offers a 5-Year Service Warranty.

Spalding 52" Performance Acrylic Backboard & Rim Combo

User Reviews

“So far very happy with this backboard. Arrived in good shape, with all required parts and then some. Acrylic is protected by a plastic film- be sure to remove this before you assemble the rim and lower plastic. The cover around the rim spring is el cheapo plastic and will probably dry rot within a few years, but rims are upgradable I guess. Happy with the size and quality for the price. Very easy to attach the backboard to the Spalding u-turn 316 adjustable mount. Attaching the u-turn mount to the house, however, was a whole another story…”

“The packaging was sufficient. Installation and instructions were simple and to the point. I mounted this on a garage gable with the Spalding U-Turn Lift System using four 1/2″ thick stainless steel bolts. The bottom of the mounting plate should be installed anywhere between 7’3″ and 7’6″ for optimal regulation height (10′). After reading numerous reviews on what height to mount the bottom of the mounting plate (7’6″, 8′) I installed mine at 7’9″. This height allows the rim to extend to 10’6″. I recommend 7’6″ as a maximum install height for the bottom of the mounting plate on a flat wall and a 7’3″ (optimal) minimum. This backboard and rim combo look fabulous for the price, and the acrylic is a definite upgrade. I would buy this product again.”

Best Price

When compared to other models in this category, this model offers very good features such as pro-style rime and acrylic board. I would recommend this garage hoop for young hoopsters who are just getting into the game.

The official price tag online is between $299.99 and $399.99.

If you are looking for an adult model that can withstand harsh play, you should check out other models on my list of best wall-mounted basketball hoops.

Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Hoop

Silverback hoops have an online reputation for being one of the most beginner-friendly and best wall-mounted hoops on the marketplace. Moreover, they are known for their reasonable price as well.

It’s not the most expensive model on the market, but for the price, you’ll get a system that can handle adult use, a rim that’s extremely flexible, as well as a hoop system that features a lengthy service warranty (5 years).

If you want to get yourself a good-quality hoop for a reasonable price, you should inspect this model.

Silverback NXT 54" Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height and Fixed Basketball Hoop with QuickPlay Design

Backboard Size54″
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Rim QualityBreakaway
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀
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Backboard & Rim

The backboard width is 54″ and it’s made out of hard polycarbonate, which is created to last, so you won’t have to stress over the backboard shattering like you would with a standard glass version.

However, you won’t get the best rebound effect from this board. Compared to tempered glass models, polycarbonate backboards don’t feel as good and have lower feedback.

On the good side, the Infinity Edge backboard features edges that wrap around the backboard. A solitary piece of material is made use of for enhanced sturdiness, so you don’t have to fear the damage.

Furthermore, the breakaway rim on this model is really flexible and will prevent the backboard from smashing while safeguarding you from injury.

This rim easily flexes under pressure in a way that resembles the hoops utilized by the pros in the NBA.

Although this rim is quite sturdy, I would not recommend hanging on it. This is mostly because wall-mounted hoops are not as stable as in-ground, for example. It’s for your own safety, nothing else.

Also, the extremely flexible style permits you to relocate the hoop from 7.5 feet to approximately 10 feet. Since it’s adjustable, this wall-mounted hoop is best for hoopsters of all ages.


Nobody wants to go through the hassle of putting pieces together, I understand. Factors that inhibit the quick assembly time are instructions that are difficult to understand and mislabeled pieces.

The good thing is you won’t have to deal with any of these. The quick-play design of this wall-mounted hoop will have you finish the assembly of the entire hoop in just 90 minutes or less.

It’s got pre-assembled parts too, which takes a whole load off your shoulders. Keep in mind that you need your own assembly tools. And I recommend reading a few reviews below for installation ideas…

Silverback NXT 54" Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height and Fixed Basketball Hoop with QuickPlay Design

User Reviews

“Nice basketball hoop. Not that hard to install. If you have access to a scaffold I recommend it. Because every house is different there are zero instructions about how to actually mount this safely. What I did is lay a 2 x10 across the studs in my attic and used a threaded rod. I used a 1/2″ PVC sheet with a J channel around it for the siding side. Lowers down to about 7 ft and up past 10′. Very nice for my kids.”

“The hoop is going to be the best value for your money. It’s really nice. Kids love it I love it will be shooting hoops for days. If you’ve got a good spot to mount it on the house go for it. I wanted to get in the attic and do some blocking but unfortunately, it was in an area of the attic where I could not squeeze my widebody. Ended up putting blocks on the house which the wife that really doesn’t like I will have to paint them to match. Get it!”

Best Price

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a pro-quality hoop system that’s affordable, easy to assemble, and one that won’t break the bank, then I’d stick with the NXT.

It’s got all that you need to exercise and practice your b-ball skills right in your home.

That said, you won’t be disappointed by its features complemented by a low price. At the moment, you can grab this model on Amazon for $400.

PROGOAL Basketball Hoop Garage Wall Mounted 

It might not be as popular as Spalding or Silverback, but PROGOAL is definitely one of the best wall-mounted basketball hoops on the market today. That is for a reason as well.

If you are interested in getting a sturdy system that’s going to last for years, you’ll love this one.

It’s got a fully tempered glass backboard, unique telescoping adjustable frame, double spring rim, and most importantly, it’s not going to cost you an arm and leg.

PROGOAL Basketball Hoop Garage Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height, with 60''x36''Tempered Glass Backboard, Pro-Style Dual-Spring Breakaway Rim, Durable Bracket and All Weather Net

Backboard Size60″ and 72″
Backboard MaterialTempered glass
Rim QualityBreakaway
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Price$1,700 – $2,000
Check Price

Backboard & Rim

This wall-mounted model comes with a glass backboard. Tempered glass has the very best rigidity and provides a true gym-style experience.

In case you’re wondering, the board is available in two sizes; 60″ and regulation 72″ so you can exercise capturing the best basketball experience. Shooting bank shots on this hoop is just like on the NBA court.

PROGOAL also makes use of at least 1/2″ thicker glass than many other manufacturers which makes this hoop also better.

Furthermore, this wall-mounted hoop includes padding along the bottom of the backboard for safety and security.

Lastly, the rim is made of stainless steel and features a two-spring breakaway design that just compliments the ultimate performance and durability, so there’s really nothing to whine about there.

If you are the type of player who wants a hoop that can take it, if you like to exert your dunking powers, then you should consider the ProGoal hoop. It’s built to last!


The system has only three steps in its installation process which makes configuration a breeze. It additionally flaunts a special telescoping frame for placing it on any upright wall surface even where space is limited.

You can operate the built-In adjustment mechanism from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments can be made without the use of a ladder so even your kids could have fun with it.

PROGOAL Basketball Hoop Garage Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height, with 60''x36''Tempered Glass Backboard, Pro-Style Dual-Spring Breakaway Rim, Durable Bracket and All Weather Net

User Reviews

“I was reluctant at first due to the limited number of reviews the product had and the fact I couldn’t find anything about PRO GOAL anywhere online. I was relieved and impressed when the 300+lb package arrived in about half the time I had expected. The installation isn’t for amateurs. Be sure you have a sturdy surface on which to mount this treasure. I got the 72” and it’s impressive to see it mounted in the shop. It’s worth the money despite its cost.”

“This is the most official basketball net I’ve owned! It looks so professional, it’s extremely sturdy, and so high end. Installation was challenging, but after some assistance we got it done. This will last a lifetime!! So excited about this purchase”

Best Price

The fact of the matter is, high-quality stuff costs top-dollar. The same goes for this hoop. If you want to get this model delivered to your doorstep, you’ll have to shell out between $1,699.99 and $1,999.99.

But for this price, you get a hoop that can take a lot of use and abuse. The thick glass board won’t break, the rim can take it, and the overall quality of the material justifies the price tag.

In other words, this hoop is made to last, so it will be a great long-term investment.

Best of all, it’s got a telescopic height adjustment (7.5-10 feet), so even your kids will have a chance to enjoy it!

Goalsetter Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

If you’re in search of a system that will put your b-ball skills to the test, one that will allow you to grow as a player, then the latest design by GoalSetter is most definitely worth a more detailed look.

The GoalSetter wall-mounted basketball hoop is pro-quality all the way. This hoop is extremely adjustable, so it is appropriate for both little ones as well as grownups.

One of the best things about wall-mounted basketball hoops is the fact that you can use them indoors as well (see the video below). Goalsetter is going to offer a gym-style experience!

Goalsetter Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Basketball System (72 - Inch)

Backboard Size48″, 54″, 60″, 72″
Backboard MaterialAcrylic or Tempered glass
Rim QualityBreakaway
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Price$1,500 – $2,000
Check Price

Backboard & Rim

You can select from a backboard made out of acrylic or tempered glass. Moreover, you can choose between four different sizes; 48″, 54″, 60″ and regulation size (72″).

If you’re looking for a hoop system you can utilize to test and practice your dunking abilities, then I recommend sticking to the acrylic option, which is likewise offered at a lower rate.

On the other hand, acrylic is prone to fracturing, chipping, and scratches. So, if you want a backboard that will stay looking good for years and years, then the glass backboard will be the best selection.

Also, the architectural steel backboard framework is one and a half inches thick. The framework is covered in a corrosion-resistant guide, for boosted longevity.

Furthermore, this model features a sturdy flex rim. This is a pro-style rim. It’s around 5/8 of an inch thick and features a high tensile steel layout.

Generally, this is one solidly built rim so you can dunk as hard as you want. And since the wall-hanging structure is super-strong, you can even hang on the rim without worrying about breaking the system.


A fair warning, this model is tough to set up, because of the prolonged procedure itself, along with the heavier backboard and brace. The smaller forty-eight-inch version will certainly be much easier to mount.

However, if you opt-in for a bigger size, expect to have a bit harder time mounting this hoop on the wall. My best recommendation is to hire a professional for an hour or two to give you a hand.

On average, you can expect an installation time of 1-1.5 hours. The good news is, that the detailed instructions will assist you through the process.

Goalsetter Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Basketball System (72 - Inch)

User Reviews

“It wasn’t cheap, or ‘easy’ to install, but nothing good is, right? It took some creativity to build the proper support for this unit, but the results are fantastic! very well made, all the materials are first-class. It’s heavy! took three of us to walk the 220# glass into place and secure it but voila! it worked. This is the 60″ version, plenty big enough to feel right for my small-ish gym/barn. I highly recommend this to any and all who really want the feel of regulation action of ball and glass.”

“We love this hoop – it’s like the professional hoop you would find at the university basketball courts. For us, we feel like we are in our local recreation centre, we added this to a sports court flooring and all the kids think our court/hoop is “sweet”. It was delivered with kid gloves – unscathed – but rather heavy to hang (you will need a friend to help). Other than that – this is a winner, definitely the Porsche version of basketball hoops – you won’t be disappointed!”

Best Price

This wall-mounted goal by GoalSetter has all the bells and whistles any basketball player could want.

The four backboard dimension alternatives will allow you to pick the excellent size based on your ability, age, and demands. The extremely flexible rim height is a huge plus for families who like to play together.

All in all, this hoop is a great purchase and the best choice on my list of wall-mounted basketball hoops. The price is $1,499.99 to $1,999.99 depending on the size of backboard material you choose.

Which Hoop Do I Recommend For Your Garage?

Goalsetter is my #1 recommendation in the category of best wall-mounted basketball hoops hands down.

The main reason why I recommend this system is the high-quality material used to build this goal.

See, getting a basketball system is an investment. It’s not a toy that’s going to be played with for a few months. You’re buying an item that has to last long and will suffer a lot of use and abuse.

Therefore, if this is your goal, then Goalsetter is your best option.

Alternatively, Silverback NXT is a great option if you want to get a good quality wall-mounted hoop without breaking the bank! You can even install it indoors as well.

However, if you have a little hoopster who is just developing his or her interest in b-ball, and you don’t want to shell out the top dollar, then the Spalding model is a great choice.

Both goals are made out of good-quality material, offer great performance, and are suitable in both size and price for amateur and little hoopsters.

So, which hoop will you mount over your garage? Let me know in the comment section below 😊

And don’t forget the check out my list of best hoops on the market today!

15 thoughts on “5 Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops in 2022”

  1. The options sure seem to have improved since the last time I considered buying a wall-mounted basketball hoop.  Back then a moveable hoop was a better choice anyways.

    My new house will likely end up being a keeper, so I’m much more seriously considering one of these wall-mounted hoops.  I don’t think I need to look beyond the 5 you reviewed, though I’m having a hard time deciding between the last two.  The price for the Goalsetter has crept up above $2,000 on Amazon, while the Progoal has remained pretty much in range.  Price-wise, the Goalsetter makes more sense right now.  Do you think it might be best to wait and see if the price for Progoal drops?

    • Hi George, thanks for reaching out! Between the Goalsetter and ProGoal, I would recommend the former. Price-wise, and quality-wise they are in the same range. However, the recommended model has more options for you to choose from in terms of b-board size and material in case you need to adjust it to your needs. That said, you won’t go wrong if you go for Goalsetter.

      Ivan 🙂

  2. If someone is just starting out learning to play or wanting to practise their basketball skills I would recommend the NXT. This way you have not invested a ton of money until you know whether or not they will stick to the practice and want to improve. After a couple of years, if your basketball player is still wanting to play and improve then upgrade to the next level.


  3. Now these are my type of hoops, wall-mounted. I’ve been using wall mounted hoops for as long as I can remember. At the moment I use the Goalsetter GS72 Wall-mount, its a very amazing hoop. I can dunk all I want without worrying that it might fall. The silverback NXT 54″ seems to be very interesting. It’s cheap yet also classy, if I were looking for an affordable yet reliable hoop I’d go for that one. Thanks for the interesting read Ivan.

    • Between the two, I would definitely recommend GS72. Just the backboard size difference is a good reason. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying dunking on it as well! 😊

  4. We used to have a wall-mounted basketball hoop for your boys. But we just bought the cheapest one that was available at a huge discount sports store near us, which meant it was not the best quality, and therefore didn’t last for very long. 

    I wish I had your recommended list then, as we would have made a far better choice. The quality of the hoops seems to have increased, but also the price. Would the Spalding model be the best budget choice? Thank you. 

    • Performance is a great model for people who are looking for a budget-friendly wall-mounted hoop. NXT wall-mounted might be an even better choice due to mounting brackets and larger offset from the wall!

  5. These are the wall-mounted hoops that I prefer. For as long as I can remember, I’ve used wall-mounted hoops. I’m now using the Goalsetter GS72 Wall-mount, which is a fantastic hoop. I can dunk as much as I want without fear of it falling. The silverback NXT 54′′ appears to be an intriguing model. It’s inexpensive yet stylish; if I needed a cheap but reliable hoop, I’d choose that one. Ivan, thank you for the fascinating read.

  6. Hey thanks for this post!

    I have always been a fan of sport and have wanted to play basketball for quite a while now, the last time I played was in secondary school, since then I haven’t even touched a basketball!

    However now that I have gotten my friends all hyped up o think it’s definitely time to invest in a great hoop it’ll definitely have to be a wall mounted one, they look much more decent and professional than the pole ones. I’ll be coming back to this page once I’ve decided where to place it!

    Thanks again!

  7. Thank you so much for this! I remember having a wall-mounted Nerf basketball hoop when I was really little, and I absolutely loved it. So this is just the next step for me!

    I love how thorough you are explaining what goes into each decision, from sizing to the materials used in the hoops creation. It helps me to create a very well informed decision! Seriously, thank you!

  8. Great information!!   My son is asking for a hoop to play with his neighborhood buddies.  Only thing is we have to see if the side of our house above our garage is strong enough to hold one.  (and all the neighborhood kids playing with it lol) 

    The side of our house is unfortunately cheaper siding, and I’m honestly not sure at all what is under it.   My husband will have to look into our house plans to see what we’re dealing with.   

    But thank you so much for all this great info!!  Sending this link to my husband now. He never played sports as a kid so he was overwhelmed with all of the options for outside hoops.   I appreciate your article! 

  9. Hey Ivan!

    Thank you for sharing the 5 best wall mounted basketball hoops.

    I’ve played basketball my entire life and i also had a rim at my garage, but i never had it mounted before. My friend had one but the backboard was very tiny. I think that is something that plays a big roll in choosing a good mount.  From your options, i really like the Spalding performance. Definitely for the size of the backboard as well as the price!


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