How to Break Into Your New Basketball Shoes Fast

How To Break Into Your New Basketball Shoes Fast

We’ve all been there. You’ve got yourself a pair of fresh kicks. But they hurt your feet. How to break into basketball shoes, therefore, is a common question among sports fans. In this post, I will share some tips and tricks on how to loosen your new basketball shoes quickly. If nothing works, check out my secret trick by the … Read more

How to Move a Portable Basketball Hoop? – The Easy Way

Move Portable Basketball Hoop

A portable basketball goal weighs from 100 pounds to 500 pounds. And transporting such a massive heavyweight champion is not as easy as you believe. So, are you looking for ways to move a portable basketball hoop? Well, you are in the right place! Through this guide, you will learn how to transport a portable basketball hoop filled with sand … Read more

What Are the Types of Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces?

Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

Do you know there are 4 different types of options available for outdoor basketball court surfaces? The surface is what most people think about when they first imagine a home basketball court and can also be considered the “material” from which the court is being built.  And in this post, I will help you to learn more about each type … Read more

How to Build an Outdoor Basketball Court? – DIY Guide

Build Your Own Outdoor Basketball Court - DIY Guide

Building an outdoor basketball court has to be done professionally. By professionally, I don’t mean you need help from an expert. You can become an expert yourself with my DIY (Do It Yourself) hacks and tricks. So, if you live and breathe NCAA and NBA, it is the time to learn how to build your own outdoor basketball court! How … Read more

How to Convert Portable Basketball Hoop to Inground?

How To Convert Portable Basketball Hoop To In-Ground

So, are you looking for ways to convert a portable hoop to an inground basketball system? You have purchased a beautiful hoop but are now not happy with the purchase? It is because your system lacks durability and stability. Or maybe the base broke and you want to turn it into a more permanent solution? Don’t be embarrassed! This is … Read more

How to Install A Basketball Net – Step-By-Step Guide

How To Install a Basketball Net

Are you wondering how to install a basketball net? Since nets come pre-installed initially (in most cases), therefore, it becomes a challenge for newbies to change them later. Luckily, I will be showing the ways in which you can change your net easily. But why is the net so important? Many people consider nets a secondary part of the basketball … Read more

How to Install A Basketball Hoop on A Garage (House or Wall)

How To Install a Basketball Hoop On a Garage

When it comes to setting up a hoop in a high place, you’ll agree that it’s challenging. You have to consider and evaluate many things before finishing up the process. Whether you what to install a basketball hoop on a house wall or the garage, the process remains the same. However, one of the best things about mounting your basketball … Read more