How To Choose a Basketball Backboard Size? – The ULTIMATE Guide

Are you planning to get a b-ball goal? Not sure how to choose a basketball backboard size? No worries! In this guide, I’ll help you to find the best fit for your needs!

The backboard is one of the most essential parts of a basketball hoop. Now, the dimensions are essential because the bigger the backboard, the greater your basketball experience is.

Small dimension boards are not going to give you much space to play. That’s why they are advised for junior hoopsters that don’t utilize it in the game as much as grownup players.

On the other hand, large backboards offer the best rebound action. Furthermore, you can easily fire bank shots and drive to the basket for a layup.

So what size is best for you? Let’s find out…

What Size Is a Basketball Backboard?

Usually, backboard dimensions range from small 32″ wide to professional 72″ wide!

The regulation size for a basketball backboard is 42″ tall x 72″ wide. These dimensions are most often used as the official in big leagues such as NBA, college NCAA games, FIBA tournaments, etc.

High school basketball backboard dimensions are also the same!

How To Choose a Basketball Backboard Dimensions in 2 Simple Steps

Small, 32″-54″ boards are made for young hoopsters. On the other hand, 60″ to 72″ backboards are designed to offer professional experience and are made for grownup players.

That said, here’s how you can choose the right backboard size for your basketball hoop…

How Big Is Your Playground

The very first variable you need to consider is the court dimension.

If you have a one-car driveway, opt for a 54″ backboard at least. If you have even more room, highly think about a 60″ or, preferably, a 72″ backboard, which is the regulations size for NBA and NCAA.

The benefit of bigger dimensions is that bigger backboards provide more shot options from different angles. Therefore, you will experience the utmost game experience with a big backboard.

The 60″ backboard is a fantastic midway point, saving space but still bog enough for banking shots.

Consider the Age Of Players as well

Before you beat the gun and select the basketball backboard dimension, you are also required to consider the age and skill degree of the players playing the game.

For children, 32″ backboards offer a wonderful foundation for learning the game.

44″ backboards are exceptional for young players discovering to shoot. Teenagers practising drives to the basket and their bank shots will certainly gain from the rebound space of a 52″ backboard.

That said, everything over 52″ in size should probably be too large for kids.

However, if your kiddo is super-talent, you can get him an adult size or even regulation to offer him/her the ultimate basketball experience right from the start.


When it comes to choosing a perfect basketball backboard size for your needs, you should now know how to pick the best dimensions for your needs.

If you still can’t decide, here is a little questionary…

Are you an adult player? If yes, you probably need a bigger size (54″ to 72″).

On the other hand, are you getting a hoop for your little hoopsters? If so, then a smaller size backboard will probably be enough (32″ to 48″).

Also, where do you plan to locate the goal? Is it a small surface or a full-size court?

If you plan to play on a full-sized basketball playground, then, you should consider getting a regulation size board (72″).

On the other hand, if you are going to be using a driveway, then a medium or small (54″ or even 60″) size will do the trick!

For example, I’m an adult player who likes to utilize the board for bank shots and layups. Whenever I play on a small or medium board, I can’t play my best game.

Therefore, I need a 60″ and even 72″ size to play my game.

Now that you know what basketball backboard size you should choose, you need to also consider the rest of the hoop such as backboard material, rim, etc.

And in this basketball hoop buyer’s guide, you will get all the answers.

Alternatively, you can make your own backboard too. It could be a super-fun project for you and your kids. That’s how my dad got me interested in basketball in the first place!

On the other hand, if you already know all the specs for your future hoop, but you need some great recommendations, keep reading my list of the 9 best basketball hoops.

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