How to Repair a Cracked Basketball Hoop Base? – Ultimate Guide

It is common for the basketball hoop system base to get a crack and need a repair. Sometimes it is due to weather conditions, while other times it is due to mishandling.

Maybe you smashed the whole system to the side of the driveway. Many people even collide with the walls as well. Result?

Break, crack, leakage, and whatnot!

And you cannot enjoy a perfect game if the basketball hoop system is shaky, bouncy, or irritatingly wobbling around.

You need a perfect, durable, sturdy structure to shoot hoops!

Not sure how to fix the broken base of your portable basketball system? Looking for help with fixing the crack on your hoop? Well, you are at the right place!

Here are four leading ways to repair a cracked basketball hoop base.

Repair Cracked Basketball Hoop Base

Method 1 – Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base With Resin or Adhesive

There isn’t a strong adhesive to hold a cracked basketball hoop base and build a solid patch over it.

Even though some adhesive manufacturers do make such claims but the results are more than often disappointing.

But if your basketball hoop is laid down, you can try some pretty strong adhesives. There are some new in the market that are reliable and could do the trick.

On the other hand, the resin is proving to be a great choice. You can use resin between the patch and the base to achieve optimum results.

Not sure how to? Let’s guide you!

How To? – The Process

  • For the patching method, plate a layer of resin or strong adhesive on the interior side of the base. It must cover the crack! Now extend the solution for about 1 inch beyond the edges of the crack.
  • Now, take a cut that will fit a piece of fibreglass material. Attach that into the adhesive or the resin you poured on the base.
  • Spread a fine layer of glue over the patch cloth. Lay a second patch on the top of the first patch, and cover the edges carefully. Overlap the first layer by all means.
  • Don’t forget to continue adding layers to the base. It will make the base consistently stiff and repair the crack conveniently.
  • Now, carefully place all the patched layers on the interior side of the base. Coat the exterior of the cracked base with polyethene drip. Use a sandbar to even the surface.

Voila! You are done!

Method 2 – Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base With Heat

Even though heating the patch is a hard option. However, it is worth the shot! It’s a pretty fast process, so brace yourself. Be sure to get some help beforehand.

Don’t forget that polyethene can easily distort, distend, bend, deflect, and whatnot. This is the core reason why the base is durable and absorbs the impact with flexibility.

For heating the patch, there are some things that you will need.

  • Gloves: These are mandatory to protect your hands.
  • Some sort of patch: Try to get a good patch from 50-gallon barrels, for instance. The motive is to find a material as elasticated as polyethene as possible.
  • A heat gun or a blow torch: A blow torch is a for feasibility but a heat gun is highly preferred.
  • Water bottle: You need something to cool down at last.
  • Putty knife or large metal spoon
  • Pair of pliers

How To? – The Process

  • Start by flaming the patch consistently with a heat gun. The blow torch will also do the trick.
  • Don’t use the heat gun for more than 6 to 7 seconds, or else you will burn it.
  • Once the patch starts to melt, spread the fluid on pilot holes. You must force the liquid poly into the holes to manage the damaged area.
  • During the process, don’t forget to use the gloves for your safety. Use pair of pliers to hold the patch you are working on.
  • You also need to sweep the torch over the outer edges. Keep doing it until the plastic starts to turn into a different colour.
  • Be as fast as possible. Complete the work when the patch and the base are hot. Once they are cooled down, they will be of no good.

Method 3 – Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base With A Fiberglass Reinforce Caulk or Sealant

The fibreglass reinforced caulk or the sealant is also a great choice. It’s a brilliant way to repair a cracked basketball hoop base.

You will need:

  • A piece of damp cloth
  • Swiftly settling fibreglass reinforced caulk / a sealant

How To? – The Process

  • First of all, search for the leaking place or the crack. Keep on pressing the base smoothly to check every inch of the crack. Pressure helps in finding every spot easily.
  • Now, drain the base of your portable basketball system. Turn the base sideways to let the water or sand run out of the base easily through the cracked surface.
  • Use a damp piece of cloth with some rubbing alcohol. The surface should not have any debris, sand particles, or moisture.
  • Let the ruptured area dry completely.
  • Use caulk to fill the crack. Press and knead it firmly for perfect results.
  • Use more caulk to cover the edges. Go beyond 1.5 inches with caulk for better results.
  • Wait for an hour or two and then sand the caulk. Use a coat of paint to give it a breathing new look.

Method 4 – Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base With Silicone or Concrete

The simplest and most straightforward solution for repairing a cracked basketball hoop base is here!

You can fill it or go for the patchwork from the inside of the base using concrete.

To be honest, it’s a pretty good patching material with a minimized tendency of leakage. It is also permanent, and you would no longer need to worry about freezing water in the base.

An 80-pound concrete bag is cheaper than any other solution listed above.

You can also choose to put the concrete mix in the base without adding the water. Later, add the water, slosh the base back and forth, and voila! No extra effort with a permanent solution.

But here is an argument!

When you add concrete to a base, the point of portability almost dies away. It is because the base becomes too heavy to push.

But then again, is moving 100 pounds of water base easy? I don’t think so. But if that is manageable then so is the concrete patched base!

Is Replacing the Basketball Hoop Base A Solution?

Many basketball lovers hate to repair broken basketball hoop bases. They are never interested in knowing how to fix a fractured base.

So, can you replace the base entirely? Without even repairing it?

Well, it is possible by all means. Especially, if your basketball hoop system base is beyond repair. But many manufacturing companies don’t sell them separately.

However, if your manufacturer does sell base separately then you are good to go.

Replacing the basketball hoop base is not too hard. But you will still need some people for help. Working alone is not possible at all.

Wrapping Up

How to fix a craked basketball hoop base is a common question that haunts many.

Because of harsh weather conditions, water in the base getting frozen and expanding, and other reasons are there to crack it.

The mentioned ways above are here to help you repair a broken basketball hoop base, cracks, and fractures.

Some are pocket-friendly solutions, while others need some money to be invested.

But all are easy and not too hard. Except for the patchwork with a heat gun or blow torch. You need to be extra careful with it and save yourself from every possible underlying danger.

So be careful and do let me know if you have any questions!

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