How to Install A Basketball Net – Step-By-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to install a basketball net? Since nets come pre-installed initially (in most cases), therefore, it becomes a challenge for newbies to change them later. Luckily, I will be showing the ways in which you can change your net easily.

But why is the net so important?

Many people consider nets a secondary part of the basketball hoop. However, it is an integral part of the game. Don’t agree? Play a game without the net! You will see the difference.

A basketball net helps in slowing down the movement of the ball. It also allows you to see that the basket has been made. And the sound … it’s the sweetest music for any basketball player’s ears.

So why does the net tend to break?

With continuous play, your net tends to suffer wear and tear. Playing the game with a bad net also negatively impacts the experience. Therefore, it’s important to know how to install a brand new basketball net.

And in this guide, I will feature a hoop with the hooks.

How To Install a Basketball Net

What to Look for When Buying the Basketball Net?

I have already discussed why a net is necessary for the game. Firstly, it is disappointing to shoot 3-pointers and fail to hear the swish sound. It is pretty entertaining and relaxing, am I right?

Without a net, the ball leaves the hoop immediately. However, with the net, the basketball slows down and takes sweet seconds to go. After all, it satisfies the ego lol.

One of the most common blunders players make is that they purchase any net. They simply grab the first net they see. However, not all basketball nets are the same. Here are some pointers to remember!


One of the most important factors to consider is checking the durability of the basketball net. Don’t go for the net that can easily warn out. A high-quality standard basketball net will not slash that quickly.

Install a basketball net that has good weight. The heavier your basketball net is, the more durable it would be.

You can find a ton of good-quality basketball nets on Amazon for less than 20 bucks!


Always measure the size of your rim. You cannot install a basketball net if it’s too large or too small compared to the rim. Even though the nets are commonly manufactured as per the size of the regular rim. But a little caution can save you big time.


Did you know that the material of your net also affects your game? You must choose synthetic fibre nets which are tightly woven for your hoop. It must be your choice if the hoop is located outside to withstand all weather.

Nylon nets and polyester nets are common, cheaper, and better for indoor games.

Some Important Things to Consider

Don’t forget to grab the essentials before you start putting up your brand new net! You will need a basketball net, of course. Then, a step ladder, a pair of scissors, and a helping hand.

Use the ladder with caution. Make sure your ladder is stable on the ground. All the legs of the ladder are evenly opened. And yes! Never stand on the top of the step or rung of your ladder. You can also get help to hold the ladder while you do the work.

How To Install the Basketball Net on Your Hoop in 8 Steps:

Before stepping up on the ladder, make sure to hold the net in your hands. Use both hands to spread the net evenly, and understand the difference between larger and smaller diameters.

Large diameter is what you will connect to the rim. The small diameter is the bottom part of the net.

Now, let’s learn the process!

Step # 1 – Set Your Step Ladder

If your hoop has an adjustable height mechanism, then the work gets easy. You can easily lower it down and secure it. However, if that’s not the case, you need a step ladder.

Set the step ladder by securing the legs. Make sure it is not a shaky ladder. The ladder should be centred right under the front of the rim.

Step # 2 – Get Rid of The Old Basketball Net

If the rim still has that slashed old net, remove it first. Climb the step ladder carefully, ask your helper to give you the scissors, and cut each loop near the rim.

Your posture should be straight during the whole process. Cut the loops and pull the remaining parts that are on the hook of the rim.

Step # 3 – Be Sure Which Side of the Net Attaches to the Rim

Remember, we talked about the small and large diameter at the start? This is where that information will come in handy. Once you are aware of the diameters, time to understand the net properly.

At first glance, the whole net would feel the same. However, if you look closely, the longer loops are the ones that attach to the rim. Ask your helper to check that and hand it over to you. Avoid checking it yourself once you are on the step ladder.

Step # 4 – Push the Basketball Net Loop Through the Rim Hook

Once you have identified the long net loops, carefully hold them between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze it a bit, allowing it to easily push through the rim hook.

Make sure you are pushing the longer loops side of the net from the inside of the rim and taking it out from the outside position.

Step # 5 – Attach the Net Loop Through the Rim Hook

Make sure you have opened the net loop enough. It will help in looping it around the front side of the rim hook.

Now, hold it in one place using your one hand. While the other hand must firmly pull the net loop directly from the inside of the rim. It will help in tightening the loops securely in their place.

Step # 6 – Keep Hooking All the Remaining Rim Hooks

Now, continue repeating steps number 4 and 5 for the remaining net loops and the rim hooks. On a standard basketball rim, you will find around 12 hooks.

Don’t miss any loop or the hook. Keep going on in proper circular motion.

Avoid tangling the net loops and keep them straight. In case you have entangled any loop, free them instantly before moving on.

Step # 7 – Pull Your Basketball Net Tight

After these steps, now grab the bottom of your net and pull it downwards with force. It will ensure that all the loops are attached well. It will also straighten the net for the game.

Step # 8 – Rise and Shine

Voila! You have completed the work. Now, grab your basketball and start showing off your basketball moves.

Basketball Net and Ball

How to Install a Chain Basketball Net

Are you interested in upgrading your hoop look with a chain net? You can easily install a basketball net if you have a chain. With the least number of steps, you can do the following:

Step # 1 – Identify the Loops

Same as before, in the chain net installation, look for larger loops. They will be at the top of your basketball net.

Step # 2 – Looping on The Hook

Take the first loop and slide it over the basketball rim hook. There is no specified position to start with the chain net.

Step # 3 – Secure It

Continue hooking the chain net around your hoop. Once complete, check it by shooting with full strength.

If you’re not sure whether to go with chain net or polyester, check out the comparison video below. I personally like the nylon net myself.


Playing basketball is always fun and a thrilling sport to play with the whole family. But with the passage of time, things start to warn out, especially the net.

With this guide, you have learned how to install a basketball net with ease.

Follow the steps carefully and enjoy a game of perfection and brilliance. Just be cautious with the ladder when stepping up to fix the net. Always grab a buddy or a family member to give you a hand with the process.

Enjoy the game! 🏀😀

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