How to Move a Portable Basketball Hoop? – The Easy Way

A portable basketball goal weighs from 100 pounds to 500 pounds. And transporting such a massive heavyweight champion is not as easy as you believe. So, are you looking for ways to move a portable basketball hoop? Well, you are in the right place!

Through this guide, you will learn how to transport a portable basketball hoop filled with sand without breaking your back or bank. So, let’s get started!

Move Portable Basketball Hoop

How to Move a Portable Basketball Hoop Filled With Sand?

There is no doubt that sand offers phenomenal support and stability to your mobile basketball system. But due to its weight, it becomes a challenge to move and transport.

You will find yourself consumed with time, effort, and money.

You will need professional help or a bunch of friends to help in moving it. But if you are moving away from a far location, there is a need for pickup service. Therefore, money is involved in it.

Moving Portable Hoop With Wheels

Many types of transport portable basketball hoops have wheels attached to the base. However, many manufacturers don’t add them to minimize the cost.

If your portable basketball hoops base has wheels then do this! Place one foot straight up and against the middle section of the base.

Make sure the top of your foot is with the base and the ball of the foot is in the ground.

Transport Mobile Basketball Goal
Step 1

Now use both of your hands and grab the top of the A-frame. Hold it below the rim from the backside. Don’t remove your feet and carefully pull the basketball hoop in your direction.

Transport Mobile Basketball Goal 1
Step 2

It’s vital to remember that pulling the hoop towards yourself in swift motion can be dangerous. It will invite the chance for the hoop to fall. Of course, you will get injured yourself.

Keep on pulling the basketball hoop towards you without lifting your feet. Your grip on the ground should be perfect!

When the base gets off the ground, remove your foot and slowly start walking with it.

The wheels in the base will help in transportation. Now go forward or backwards using the wheels. In case of turning sideways, turn the basketball hoop at 90 degrees.

Moving Portable Hoop Without Wheels

But what if the base doesn’t have wheels? Here are a few things you should remember!

Check the manual of your basketball system to see if it is designed to fold or not. If it can, better to fold the hoop to manage the weight.

If by chance you are aware of relocating, better to fill the base with water. Since water is easier to drain and move, the hassle of sand can be used once you relocate safely.

Turn the portable basketball hoops base at the sides to remove sand. It will help in lightening the weight and transport to a new location. Make sure to collect the sand or else you have to rebuy it.

Keep the Following Things in Mind When Moving Portable Basketball Hoop

When you are talking about a mobile hoop, it means it is movable. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind when transporting it.


Even if your hoop base has wheels, you need assistance at all costs. Moving a 100 to 500 pounds hoop is no joke! Get some help to move it around.

Feature of Collapsibility

Not all portable basketball hoops have this feature. But modern basketball hoops are collapsible, making the transportation job easier than ever.

No Collapsibility

The pocket-friendly portable hoops lack wheels attached to the base. They are also not collapsible. What to do?

Hire a professional to help in moving your portable basketball goal. Experts and professionals can manage it on their own, and bring the hoop to your new location.

Factor of Disassembling

Experts recommend disassembling some of the parts of your basketball system. It will make the movability factor easier.

You can remove the backboard from the pole to loosen the weight. Remove the pole from the base as well. Once the basketball hoop is moved, reassemble to enjoy the game.

Empty Halfway

The draining holes on the base are at the top. Therefore, for the water-filled based, you can adjust the hoop and flip it to get the water out of it.

But for sand? It is impossible. Therefore, tilt on each side to get some excess sand out of it.


Protection is necessary by all means. Cover the hard metal structure with some blankets when moving in a truck. It will protect the car or trucks from smashing.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that playing basketball is fun. And with a mobile hoop, you get a chance to move it anywhere you desire.

But how to move a portable basketball hoop when the base is filled with water or sand? That’s a nightmare question for sure!

With this guide, you can easily transport your hoop to your favourite place.

Don’t get shy to ask for help and assistance. If by chance you can’t manage the weight all alone, there is a high probability of it falling.

You can also get injured during the process. So be safe and have fun!

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