Spalding The Beast Review – Should You Buy this Portable B-Ball Goal?

Welcome to my Spalding The Beast review! When it comes to trustworthy basketball systems, Spalding is a renowned name to rely on. The brand is known for top-line products with uncompromised performance.

With the latest Spalding The Beast portable model, the company outdid itself. The whole structure of the basketball hoop indicates premium quality, durability, and classiness.

What makes The Beast interesting and certainly one of the top hoops in this category is its portability and sturdiness like in an in-ground system.

So, what are the other things that make The Beast better than others? Let us find out in my review…

Spalding The Beast Review

Spalding The Beast Portable Hoop Review

Mobile hoops are loved by all. Due to its impressive portability, you can take it anywhere you want.

However, the only issue these hoops face is stability. The structures are not stable which makes their movability a question to ponder!

Due to lack of stability, the popular mobile systems collapse when you try to dunk or go for a rough and tough game. Mostly, it’s the base that’s small and mediocre.

See, in these models, the base is filled with sand or liquid. Therefore, when the base is small, the entire structure comes down when you try to dunk with power.

The good news is, that Spalding The Beast is here to resolve such a problem. It’s a mobile system that promises stability, similar to that of an in-ground goal.

Whether it’s the base, rim, backboard, or support pole, everything is of perfect size.

With exceptional rebound and powerful gameplay, Spalding The Beast even features a height adjustment system.

Furthermore, the tempered glass backboard ensures a professional court feeling. And a sturdy rim can conveniently handle fierce drives and dunks.

Do you know what makes The Beast stable? It’s a two-piece 5” square steel pole.

And don’t forget the base! The whole system rests on a huge 40-gallon base which is equipped with fascinating 4 wheels!

With the complete Spalding The Beast review, we will find more fascinating features of this super-high-quality hoop.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size54″
Backboard MaterialTempered glass
Rim QualitySteel Pro breakaway rim
Support Pole5″ steel pole
Base System40-gallon base
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Price$2,500 to $3,000

Spalding The Beast Main Features

Spalding The Beast is an extreme basketball system, equipped with some mesmerizing features. This top-quality hoop ensures a professional experience for all.

The Beast is perfect for serious players who are inclined toward going professional. Even college teenagers can enjoy the sturdy structure of those models.

That said, here are some exciting features of Spalding The Beast, which will surely excite you!


Spalding The Beast model has two varieties when it comes to backboard sizes on offer.

There is a choice of 54” and 60”. Keep in mind that 54” is in itself quite enough size for outdoors. 60” is assumed to be close to a professional size.

Did you know that 72″ is the official size of the NBA? That’s right. You can learn more about backboard sizes in this guide.

The material for the backboard has two different options. Acrylic basketball backboard and tempered glass backboards. Both offer incredible rebound performance with no to minimal vibration.

The backboard is housed in a heavy-duty and durable steel frame.

Did you know that the performance of tempered glass and acrylic is much better than polycarbonate and fibreglass backboards?

You will feel like shooting hoops in a professional arena with no restricted quality.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop


When talking about Spalding The Beast review, discussing the top of the line rim is necessary. The Beast is equipped with a phenomenal breakaway rim which makes dunking and rough use seamless.

No matter how fierce your dunk is this rim can shine through it.

With breakaway spring action, the rim can withstand heavy usage like a pro. After all, Spalding made sure to add a high-quality durable and sturdy rim to all their models.

Even though the rim is designed to handle fierce and ferocious dunks, the manufacturers never recommend hanging from the rim.

It may cause damage to your system, or worse, you may lose your balance and fall down.

But overall, the performance of the rim is exceptional and can handle your dunks for sure.

Support Pole

There is a 4” thick support pole with Spalding The Beast acrylic version and a 5″ thick pole that comes with a glass backboard version.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

The two-piece support pole is angled in such an order that can reduce any chance of the hoop tipping over.

You are also going to find a couple of vertical steep struts as well with it.

Since the support pole is divided into two pieces, the overall stability enhances significantly. The performance of the backboard is also enhanced with a better rebound.


Spalding The Beast is undoubtedly a bulky structure. But the 40-gallon base is what aligns everything seamlessly.

You can conveniently fill the base with liquid or sand to stabilize it.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

When you will fill the 40-gallon base with sand or liquid, the chance of the hoop tipping over is eliminated. It becomes fiercely strong enough to hold the structure even in storms.

The base mount comprises four struts. Each strut stabilizes this mobile hoop with perfection.

Even though it’s a fairly large hoop, the manufacturers have added wheels under the base.

Instead of installing two wheels like other conventional brands, The Beast has multiple wheels under the base.

With a grey handle to move forward, the wheels under the base make it easier to transport.

Whether you move the hoop on concrete or asphalt, the sturdy base with wheels makes transportation excellent.

Height Adjustment

Spalding The Beast hoop has a U-Turn height adjustment system. Using a crank, you can adjust the height of the goal as per your liking quite easily.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

The mechanism allows you to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, as per your convenience.

If you are opting for higher height adjustment, make sure the hoop to floor distance is well managed.

In tight spots, this model will not provide the desired results and enjoyment of the game.

To learn more about the Beast, you can also see this video review below…

What Do I Like About Spalding The Beast?

There are multiple things that I liked about Spalding The Beast. For instance:

  • The Beast is one of the highly stable models with the option of portability
  • The large base has a handle and multiple wheels which makes moving the goal easier
  • The large 54” or 60” tempered glass or acrylic backboard makes the overall structure heavy-duty with enhanced stability
  • The rebound performance of the backboard is similar to that of NBL professional boards
  • With a hefty base and 55-gallon capacity, the overall system is secure to dunk
  • The breakaway rim of The Beast is of exceptional quality
  • Perfect two-piece support pole with 5 inches angled square pole
  • Spalding is offering five years warranty for their products including this one
  • The Beast comes with an all-weather net that can conveniently last for more than 3 years.
  • Replacement parts are always available on Amazon of

What I Don’t Like About The Beast?

Even though I personally like this hoop, there are some things that bother me. Since it is an honest Spalding The Beast review, I am going to share the cons as well.

  • Neither the tempered glass nor acrylic basketball backboards are padded for protection
  • The support pole also lacks the padded feature, that can enhance the security of the player
  • The price tag is incredibly high for many
  • Too heavy to lift alone. You need many people to help you in mounting everything.

Who Is Spalding The Beast Best For?

Spalding The Beast is a phenomenal choice for an enthusiastic and serious basketball player.

If you are planning to qualify for the NBA or any other pro team, or have an innate love for basketball sports, and you need a mobile goal, The Beast packs a punch that you’ll never forget.

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

Even though it is ideal for elite play, teenagers can also enjoy it. Due to its impressive height adjustment system, teenagers can easily adjust it as per their stature.

However, anyone below the age of 10 cannot adjust to its height. In other words, this is not the most suitable model for kids. Luckily, I have some great recommendations for kids on my list of best mobile hoops.


In conclusion, The Beast deserves a standing ovation. Spalding has inarguably the most premium quality goal designed for enthusiasts and elite players.

Anyone interested to purchase a high-quality, durable, and stable basketball goal should go for it. The hefty price tag might be an issue for some, but you’ll get a hoop that’s going to last forever!

Spalding The Beast® 54" Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size54″
Backboard MaterialTempered glass
Rim QualitySteel Pro breakaway rim
Support Pole5″ steel pole
Base System40-gallon base
Height Adjustment7.5 – 10 feet
Overall Rating🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Price$2,500 to $3,000

My favourite feature of this basketball system is its sturdy construction coupled with maximum stability. These two features offer the best experience that you could ever imagine.

Not only that but, this model also boasts with Pro-style rim that can take your dunks without breaking!

As I said, the Beast is indeed a bit pricey. However, if you choose to invest in this model, you will get a basketball system that’s going to last for over a decade!

With this, we have come to the end of my Spalding The Beast review. What do you like about it the most? Do let me know in the comment box below…

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  1. When it comes to basketball, I’m for everything Spalding. The company gained my respect when I first bought their ball. It’s long lasting and high quality, two things that they have spilled over to their other products. Being a huge basketball enthusiast, almost everything that Spaulding sells I have, and I believe their high price tag is worth the quality of products they produce. They are like the Apple of basketball.

  2. Spalding’s “The Beast” certainly looks solid enough for long time hard use. Spalding has always been one of my favorite companies. They have always offered quality products. Watching the video, I noticed that when he was putting the pole together he kept picking it up and dropping it to get the pole together. I would have used a bit of lubricant on the section where the smaller part of the pole was being inserted. This would have made the action much easier and quicker. This basketball goal system is impressive.


  3. Hey Ivan, thank you for sharing your review on Spalding The Beast! Growing up, I always have the best memories at my old house, with our basketball rim similar to this in the front of our street, and everyone would pass by and shoot hoops! I was i had the beast because it looks very portable and sturdy! Thank you for bringning back memories. If I had a house, I would get this again! 

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about Spalding The Beast! One of my favorite companies has always been Spalding. They have always provided high-quality items. As a passionate basketball fan, I own practically everything Spaulding sells. This would have simplified and accelerated the action. This basketball goal setup is outstanding. Thank you so much for reviewing this. Continue reviewing in this way in the future.

  5. I hadn’t seen this one yet!  I’ve got four boys who have all recently taken up basketball as a favourite pass time.  This one looks like a skookum option for a group of unruly teenagers, especially when you don’t have a place to mount a permanent one.  Thanks for the review!


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