How to Keep Your Basketball Hoop From Falling Over

Keep Your Basketball Hoop From Falling Over

So, is there any solution to keep your hoop from falling over? How to weigh down a basketball hoop? There are several reasons why your hoop might keep falling over. But the good news is that you can make your rough dunking safe and secure with some tips and tricks. Let us get into it and understand all the options … Read more

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Review – Is It The Ultimate Hoop?

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Review

Welcome to my review of Spalding Ultimate Hybrid! This pro-style hoop is designed for serious players. The fascinating goal offers the convenience of a mobile system while transforming your game into a professional one. In other words, with improved stability and overall performance, Spalding Hybrid Portable Hoop is ready to ensure an NBA-like experience at home. With heavy-duty features and … Read more

Silverback NXT Review – Should You Get This Portable Hoop?

Silverback NXT Portable Review

Welcome to my Silverback NXT Portable review! Offering a wide variety of unique hoops, Silverback is a manufacturer to consider. You cannot compare Silverback NXT Portable with top models like Spalding. However, if you are looking for a well designed and affordable basketball hoop, different from others, Silverback should be your pick! In this review, you will learn how strategically … Read more

Spalding The Beast Review – Should You Buy this Portable B-Ball Goal?

Spalding The Beast Review

Welcome to my Spalding The Beast review! When it comes to trustworthy basketball systems, Spalding is a renowned name to rely on. The brand is known for top-line products with uncompromised performance. With the latest Spalding The Beast portable model, the company outdid itself. The whole structure of the basketball hoop indicates premium quality, durability, and classiness. What makes The … Read more

How To Build a Homemade Basketball Backboard – A DIY Guide

How To Build a Basketball Backboard

Do you want to learn how to build a basketball backboard at home? Awesome! In this post, I will share 3 easy steps to making your own b-ball board in no time so keep reading… The hassle of choosing the best basketball hoop is already pretty exhausting. Then comes the time to purchase a perfect backboard. But the options available … Read more

The 7 Best Pool Basketball Hoops (PoolSide and Floating!) Reviewed!

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Do you have a swimming pool but just floating in it is not fun anymore? Are you looking for the best pool basketball hoops to have fun with your family and friends during the hot summer days? The yard pool is definitely the place where the summer season starts. Sunny days, buddies, and great times. A poolside basketball goal can … Read more

How to Choose the Right Basketball Backboard Material?

How To Choose a Basketball Backboard Material

One of the most common questions new hoopsters have is how to choose the basketball backboard material. And with this post, I’m going to help you to make a perfect choice for you! As you probably know by now, basketball backboards are made from different materials. And each product has different behaviour. Some will last longer (expensive products), some will … Read more

8 Best Basketball Hoops For Toddlers and Kids in 2022

Best Basketball Hoops For Toddlers and Kids

Do you have little hoopsters at home with a rising interest in b-ball? Do you need help finding the best basketball hoops for toddlers or older kids? Great! Keep reading this article… I was about 8 years old when I got my first hoop. And believe me, I can’t remember loving any other “toy” as much I loved that piece … Read more